Care, Rage 2022, work by Marleen Rothaus within the exhibition 'Like Water'. Her work explores the intersection of art and political activism by transforming her paintings into banners for feminist protest actions. The group exhibition 'Like Water' aims, as the exhibition organisers write, "to provide access to the relationship between femininity and anger. Like Water, from 6 - 20 May 2022 @ TOP, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin funded by Stiftung wissensART Translated with (free version)

Foundation for Art and Science

The wissensART Foundation is dedicated to promoting culture in various areas of the visual and performing arts as well as literature and supports projects that focus on the theme of art and science.

The foundation

Foundation for Art and Science

The connection between art and science has come increasingly into focus again in recent years. The term ART derives from the latin ars, which stands for both art and science.  On this basis, the wissensART Foundation pursues an interdisciplinary dialogue that unites the two or highlights the commonalities.

Our funding projects

Funding Projects Art and Science

The foundation supports the exhibition project "LIKE WATER" by Alisha Gamisch, Lía Kastiyo-Spinósa and Jaana Heine with Wepsert e.V. and Migrazine


KP Flügel | 17. May 2022

Are women allowed to be angry?

In analogy to the exhibition Anger and Femininity, ‘Like Water’, the wissensART foundation has addressed the topic, asking itself the question of the social relevance and responsibility of art and […]


19. May 2022

Exhibition ‘Like Water’

Berlin, May 2022 – The Stiftung Wissensart supports the exhibition project “LIKE WATER” by Alisha Gamisch, Lía Kastiyo-Spinósa and Jaana Heine, which will take place from 6 – 20 May […]