About Us

Foundation for Art & Science

The connection between art and science has come increasingly into focus again in recent years. The term ART derives from the latin ars, which stands for both art and science.  On this basis, the wissensART Foundation pursues an interdisciplinary dialogue that unites the two or highlights the commonalities.

The wissensART Foundation contributes to making art and science experienceable in context. Among other things, it supports projects that involve art to overcome health or existential crises.

The foundation promotes artistic creation in all its facets so that artists have the opportunity to produce art and show it in public.

The connection between art and science is also a topic in medicine. In recent years, art therapy has increasingly proven to be a helpful tool in psychotherapy and in the treatment of burnout or psychosomatic illnesses.

Especially in times of the pandemic, phenomena such as loneliness, depression or aggression have come more into focus. The existing conditions for cultural workers have deteriorated drastically, especially the support for socio-culture.