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Creative Workshop

Foundation Wissensart supports the creative workshop for people with refugee experience, which is currently offered at the Schloßpark Klinik in Berlin.

“We were convinced by the workshops offered by Kunsttherapie Berlin gGmbH and Park-Kliniken Berlin to give people who have experienced flight the opportunity to express themselves artistically,” says Marita Brinkmann, Director of the Wissensart Foundation, Berlin. “Because it is completely understandable that on the one hand refugees should process their flight experiences, and on the other hand creative expression in particular is often the only possibility for them, as they are generally unable to communicate linguistically here in Germany.” In this way, the project outline says, the participants can express what they have experienced. It can be just as important to be able to forget what they have experienced in the creative process and to feel joy in the artistic work.

Project executing agency: Kunsttherapie Berlin gGmbH

Project location: Creative Workshop, Schlosspark-Klinik, House E, Heubnerweg 2, 14059 Berlin


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