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Exhibition Project ‘Like Water’

Foundation wissensart supports the exhibition project "LIKE WATER" by Alisha Gamisch, Lía Kastiyo-Spinósa and Jaana Heine with Wepsert e.V. and Migrazine

The group exhibition Like Water aims, as the exhibition organisers write, “to create an approach to the relationship between femininity and anger.

Few emotions are as historically and socially gendered as anger. Openly displayed, it emphasises classically male gender expectations and breaks with female ones. These
gender-specific readings, which often additionally overlap with racialised role patterns, influence not only the personal handling of anger, but also the possibility of using its potential.” But just because this anger often remains invisible, it does not disappear: the title Like Water refers to a quote by the writer and activist Soraya Chemaly, who writes in her 2019 book ‘Rage Becomes Her’ (Eng: Speak Up!): “Anger is like water. No matter how hard you try to contain it, channel it, or deny its existence, it always finds a way, and usually the way of least resistance.”

In addition to the exhibition, three evenings of performances, readings and talks are planned. The exhibition venue is the TOP project space in Neukölln’s Schillerkiez district, run by top e.V.. “The association is committed to promoting cultural practice and has been active in Berlin since 2002. It supports project collaborations that promote dialogue and diversity of artistic forms and attitudes.”

The wissensArt Foundation supports the exhibition project because the question of the social relevance and responsibility of art and culture has always arisen. Equally necessary is a perhaps more radical view by means of new perspectives, in order to be able to name the causes that provoke anger and criticise them even more decisively. Also and especially in gender relations. Whether anger in relation to femininity can be a driving force – not only for artistic articulations – but also for social interventions, is a question that the wissensART Foundation will continue to explore beyond this exhibition.

Like Water, from 6 – 20 May 2022 @ TOP, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

Photo: Anger is a Liquid, 2020, Installation by Lilian Robl

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