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Stiftung wissensART awards Master’s and PhD scholarships in the field of art therapy.

This year, the wissensART Foundation is supporting David Röder during the period of his Master's thesis, which is the conclusion of his postgraduate studies in art therapy at the Weißensee School of Art in Berlin.

Art therapy uses artistic methods and processes for therapeutic purposes. At the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art, this form of applied art practice is taught as part of a postgraduate Master’s programme. Students learn to work as art therapists with people suffering from various diseases, disorders or disabilities. The theoretically and practically grounded examination of the processes of visual art and psychotherapy is intended to enable them to combine both areas and apply them in art therapy. This also includes a conscious examination of their own artistic practice.

Stiftung wissensART supports David Röder in his final thesis in the master’s programme in art therapy (2021-2022), whose work deals with the positive effects of art therapy on aggressive and autoaggressive behaviour. Röder exemplifies how this can contribute to self-regulation and a positive self-esteem by means of depth psychological and behavioural therapeutic strategies. In his own artistic work, David Röder (*1987) explores the boundaries between representationalism and abstraction. Following his painting studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, he acquired therapeutic knowledge in the psychosocial field and realised artistic projects with disabled people and people with psychiatric experience.

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