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WissensART Foundation supports the publication “30 Years of KW Institute for Contemporary Art

A post-transition story that could not be more typical for Berlin. What is reminiscent of a kind of squat from the 1970s was more of a peaceful takeover in the name of art. In 1991, a former Magarine factory at Auguststrasse 69 in Mitte which has been located in East Berlin before became the nucleus of one of Berlin’s most renowned exhibition houses, KW Institute for Contemporary Art.


Since its founding 30 years ago, it has been a place for innovative, progressive artistic practices, where international artists* have come together and which has since become firmly established not only in the Berlin but also in the international art scene.

In 1992, the first major exhibition “37 Rooms,” in which 37 curators filled 37 rooms, along Auguststrasse with hundreds of artists and artworks, made the house internationally known. Among them were Yoko Ono and Nan Goldin. Even then, about 35,000 visitors came in a week. In the 30 years of its existence, KW has always dealt with the current issues of our time through the presentation of contemporary art. Quite a few young artists have achieved an international breakthrough here with their first exhibitions. As a non-profit organization, KW Institute for Contemporary Art has always taken into account the need to promote young art.



But the building at Auguststr 69 has also changed over the 30 years and developed into a popular meeting place in the name of art. A detailed chronicle, which will be published as a brochure in the fall, is sponsored by the wissensART foundation, along with other renowned donors.


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