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” wissensART ” supports the Berlin Program for Artists/ BPA

“wissensART Foundation supports the Berlin Program for Artists (BPA).

Being an artist, earning money with art, is the life plan of many young people, especially when they are fresh out of the academy. But such an artist’s life often looks different. In order to understand the mechanisms of the art market and to be prepared for its challenges, external support is needed.

The Berlin Program for Artists/BPA takes this into account in order to help young artists successfully market themselves. What has been practiced in Los Angeles, Brussels or London for many years, was launched in Berlin 5 years ago. Since 2016, the “Berlin Program for Artistst/ BPA” accompanies and supports young artists who are at the beginning of their career. Every year, a jury selects 10 out of hundreds of applicants to benefit from this support.

The main component of the program is the BPA mentoring, which brings the participating artists together with experienced colleagues through organized “studio-visits”. In this exchange with renowned artists, curators or gallery owners, the program participants benefit from their practical experience and entrepreneurial knowledge.

At the end of a two-year program, the young artists are each allowed to present their work in an exhibition. Since 2017, BPA has cooperated with numerous project spaces and initiatives, including the Gropius Bau and KW Institute for Contemporary Art. The upcoming exhibition will also take place there this fall.

wissensArt supports this year’s exhibition.

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